Aroma Oil Diffuser Supplier: How to Find the Best One for Your Needs & Budget?


Whether you have a few bottles stashed of aroma oil or new to the entire essential oil thing, do you ever think about what is in those bottles? How can you determine if buying from an aroma oil supplier is the real deal or just a knockoff? Even if it is real or not, how do you determine if it is a good quality?

If you are one of us, you are using these aroma oils to find balance during your meditation practice, help stop headaches, or diffuse a room with a stimulating aroma to offer your day the kick in the pants it requires.

Here are good ways to spot a fake one from aroma oil diffuser suppliers and ensure you only buy from the best aroma oil diffuser supplier.

How Does Fake Aroma Oils End Up in Store Shelves?

Not all aroma oils are made the same with utmost authenticity and purity in mind. Unluckily, there are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as well. That only indicates you should become your own advocate when we talk about sourcing the good things.

Aroma oils have been used for many years. However, with wellness turning into a booming sector lately, aroma oils have been made more readily accessible to consumers than ever before. Unfortunately, that only means some of those bottles you see on shelves are loaded with cheap extenders, fillers or only “fragrance oils” in efforts to turn a profit.

If it is a real essential oil in the bottle, the quality will depend on many different factors such as:

  • Packaging – How aroma oils are stored and handled can identify how long they are good for. The quality of even the highest quality, purest aroma oils can be compromised when it is not wrapped properly in a firmly sealed dark glass bottle.

  • Processing – How clean the equipment and tools were kept throughout the distillation process always matters. A few aroma oils might be diluted during the process, and it could be difficult to determine, even if you have been working with aroma oils for many years.

  • Plants – Quality can be affected by weather, use of pesticides or changing growing conditions.

How Can You Determine if the Oil is Made of High Quality?

One of the perfect ways to determine which aroma oils are of high quality and authentic is to enhance your sense of smell. You may like to take an introductory aromatherapy course or spend some time comparing and contrasting different aroma oils with the help of an expert to become more aware in an olfactory manner.

That could take some time, though. Others like perfumers and aromatherapists spend forever refining their sense of smell. However, there are times that even professionals still use tips to guarantee the quality, such as checking the bottle, reading the label, and verifying the source (which is the aroma oil supplier).

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