electric hand dryers pune

Are you trying to buy hand dryers from hand dryer suppliers in Pune? Then you will certainly be perplexed by the number of various models competing for your attention. You will find numerous parameters that determine one dryer from the other. That’s why you should learn your requirement first before stepping into the showroom.

You could notice the use of a hand dryer in shopping malls, public restrooms, offices, hospitals, and even in amusement parks. Throughout the years, the touch-free hand dryer has gradually changed the push button dryer. They use an infrared sensor to detect someone’s presence and begin to blast air right away.

Quick Dry Model

For offices, it is not a bad idea to opt for a quick dry model. This dry sends a sufficient amount of hot air to dry a hand for at least ten to fifteen seconds. That’s much better than the conventional dryers, which take over thirty to forty seconds.

Amazingly, the quick-dry models save energy, too, as they run for less time than an average dryer. Further, you could settle for something much cheaper if time is not that important. The dryer’s voltage and power wattage could make a big difference to the energy costs.

That difference is not an issue for big offices, but it could be an issue for a house or a small business. The energy costs should be kept to a minimum.


Are you searching for electric hand dryers Pune? It will help if you also consider the noise factor. After all, you would not like a loud dryer in offices that could end up disturbing other people. The case is not the same in a house where a dryer might not often be used.

Hence, you could go for hand dryers that are silent, depending on your usage. That would be useful at the workplace where there’s a continuous stream of employees using the restrooms.

Mount & Installation

The mounting of the hand dryer is another thing you need to keep in mind. It should be simple to mount them at the correct right, depending on where they are installed. Some hand dryers are more likely to be used by men and sometimes by women.

No matter where you like to install them, make sure that both adults and children can use them. You will also find special mounting accessories that come with hand dryers for handicapped individuals. The installation service is offered free by most hand dryers vendor Pune.

Look & Feel

Finally, you also need to consider the overall look and feel of your hand dryer. It’s not strange to find gold-shaded dryers in classy restaurants and luxury hotels. Your dryer should be consistent with the room’s décor, whether it’s chrome finish, stainless steel, or epoxy white.


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