electric hand dryers pune

Automatic dryers have become increasingly famous throughout the years. Not just are they eco-friendly and convenient, but they are also low in maintenance. Apart from that, zero waste is produced by using an automatic hand dryer in Pune, as the hands utilize the air rather than paper towels, one ton of which is equal to at least seventeen trees.

That means you can save at least 24 trees per year when you buy an electric hand dryer. Just visualize the relief that the world would feel if you would stop using paper towels for the basic task of drying your hands.

A Good Investment

The good thing about hand dryers is that they are a good investment tool not just for financial savings, but they will save you in terms of labor expenses. It might not seem obvious, but the labor cost in manufacturing, buying, replenishing, and disposing of paper towels is 90% more than the labor cost incurred by using an automatic hand dryer over the same time.

Once installed, these electric hand dryers don’t need to be continuously maintained or replaced the way a paper towel dispenser does, nor there’s any need to dispose of waste the way there is with a hand towel dispenser.

A Wide Variety of Types

Hand dryer suppliers in Pune these days are developing more inventive ways to make their products leave less of an ecological footprint. You will find a wide array of hand dryers. They differ based on the internal technology they use, power wattage, design, and material.

For instance, there are push-button dryers and automatic dryers. The push-button versions are not hygienic enough in public rooms where the button tend to be pushed by hundreds of people. Infrared sensors employed by automatic, touch-free hand dryers are far more efficient and long-lasting than the push-button mechanisms of old dryers.

Buying from Hand Dryers Vendor Pune

Are you considering buying hand dryers? You would invariably receive a free installation service. For public restrooms, you need to choose something that’s not just reliable but vandal proof too. Rough and rugged use is likely for such dryers.

The price of operating the dryer could increase if it has a high wattage. That’s why you need to go for an energy-efficient dryer that is eco-friendly as well. Ensure the dryer does not make produce too much noise either.

It would help if you also considered the product’s warranty, which comes along with the gadgets. Some units come with an excellent warranty period that could extend for more than ten years. That could prove practical in the long run, helping you save at least seventy-five percent of the supply expenses for paper towels.

Without a doubt, hand dryers are a better option to hand towels. The savings aren’t just good for businesses’ bottom lines, but they are better for our planet’s future and environment.


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