Does someone in your office or home suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities from toxic chemicals? Maybe it is time to consider using allergen-free and eco-friendly cleaning products from housekeeping material wholesale suppliers in Pune.

These are safe and easy to use with cleaning powers equaling any other manufactured cleaning chemicals. Most household cleaning products have harmful toxic chemicals such as butane, ethanol, propane, ammonia, phenol, and formaldehyde, to name a few.

People suffering from chemical sensitivities and allergies tend to suffer from exposure to such toxic chemicals. Natural cleaning products from housekeeping material wholesale suppliers in Pune can be found everywhere and are extremely economical.

Microfiber mop

Instead of using chemicals to mop your floor, you simply need to apply water to get the same level of cleanliness as using a mop with chemicals.

Microfiber cloth

Microfiber is a cleaning cloth made of nylon or polyester that allows you to clean nearly everything with the cloth and hot or warm water. They eliminate the need to carry around numerous cleaning materials for different uses.

These clothes are an excellent option for cleaning with chemicals. It can be used to remove stains, smudged dirt, and grease by only applying water to it. You can also use them to scrub dirt in your appliances, clean windows, glasses, and car interiors.

Aside from the fact that it cleans better than any average cleaning rag, a microfiber cloth is good for your health, the environment, and your wallet.

Citrus oil solution

This is another excellent cleansing agent which is additive-free. Did you know that citrus oils are not just good for cleaning your home, but they can help remove odor too? You can also use it as a degreaser due to its solvent properties.

You can clean nearly everything with this cleaning solution, from removing stains from clothing and carpets to degreasing your cooker. Citrus solutions can also be utilized as natural pesticides and insecticides at homes or in your offices.


Vinegar is a common and extremely efficient cleaning and sanitizing agent. What’s more, it is economical and harmless to humans. Cleaning with vinegar is a smart way to prevent harsh and toxic chemicals in your home.

It’s also perfect for killing germs, bacteria, mold, getting rid of lime deposits, and for cleaning grout because of its high level of acidity. When it comes to cleaning, vinegar is surely multi-purpose. You can utilize it to clean glasses, mirrors, surfaces, and even appliances like ovens and microwaves.

Baking soda

Next to vinegar, we have baking soda—a natural cleaning agent. Baking soda or also called bicarbonate of soda can also be utilized for cooking. It is both non-toxic and economical.

If you need eco-friendly cleaning supplies for your home, make sure you look for the best housekeeping material wholesale supplier in Pune to get the highest quality of cleaning products.

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