Scent Diffuser System

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Product Details:

  • Usage/Application: Hotels, Conference Hall, Spa, Malls, Showrooms, Lobby, Big Halls, Salons.
  • Brand: AQSA.
  • Capacity: Area from 3000 sq ft- 50000 sqft.

Area coverage:
Aqsa 7217: 5000m^3 = 16404 sq.ft. max
Aqsa7218 : 500m^3 = 1640 sq. Ft. Max
Aqsa 7219 : 300m^3 = 984 sq. Ft. Max


Scent Diffuser System

AGM Enterprises scent systems are robust, smooth, and efficient scenting throughout large spaces in your homes. If you want your office or home to smell divine and attract more clients, then install our vibrant and calming scent system today.

Oil consumption per month:
a condition we will keep the machine on 4 different patterns in a day
1. Morning 8 am to 10 am 2. Then afternoon 12 to 2 pm 3. Then at 4 pm to 6 pm 4. In the evening at 8 pm to 10 pm At condition for 300 seconds on and off for 300 seconds
Then monthly two units of the bottle will be consumed ideally
Or on default settings fro 8 am to 10 pm we keep 5 secs on and 60 secs of we will still consume 2 units per month

Aqsa 7217 :
We will consume 2 lit of oil at a rate of 16 ml per hour
Aqsa 7218 :
We will consume 1 lit oil of oil at a rate of 8 ml per hour
Aqsa 7219:
We will consume 500 ml of oil at a rate of 4 ml per hour[4:56 PM, 12/21/2019] Ideal usage of the machine are as follows :
Aqsa 7217 :

1. Hotel lobby, banquet halls , movie hall/ theatre/ multiplexes , large auditorium , high atrum , big size gyms , yoga center , malls, air ports , showrooms, large office space in IT , ITES, KPO, BPO. companies , hospital entry areas , which cater big areas through HVAC /VRV Ducktable system via fresh air vent to all interior areas as fresh and create pleasant atmosphere through our fragrancing / scenting system .
Aqsa 7218 :
Ideally can be used on medium sized areas like Small entrances , showrooms , single unit outlet , medium size halls, board rooms , fine dinning restaurants , upjewellery , car , apperal etc. Showrooms , diagnostic center, clinic , gyms , salons , religious places , builders or promoters , sample flats ,Gaming zones and many more to list .
Aqsa 7219:
This machine is used ideally in small area like Entrance or lobby , small restaurants / cafe , club areas, spa , chain outlets , cabins , same flats , party halls, clinics, physotherapy center , conference halls , wash rooms , sample flats , nursery School area , day care center , old age homes, lobby area , lift landing area, universities , coaching centers ,small offices and. Institution with small areas to be catered with good quality and consistant fragrance system keep atmosphere most hygienic area to give our clients an experience of ambience feeling of visiting an exclusive public place,, create an atmosphere to come again and feel to make a signature fragrance in those areas.

1. Our machine adopts cold air atomization principle ,which is latest high end technology among the fragrancing industry .2. We have intelligent adopting microcomputing system to control the working time into 4 different modes and arona concentration based on your setting in the scent system .3. Our machine is reliable as we have leading proprietary technology , the patented technology of micron atomization which makes the aroma spread quickly in the interior space , more fresh and lasting .

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